Clearing Consultation

In this 90 minute consultation we look at what areas of your life and in your home are not working, where you feel disorganized, overwhelmed, and lack focus. We investigate how you want your house to feel and what you want your daily life to look like.


Local Chico Rate: $150

Every 20 Miles from Chico: Additional $25

The fees will vary for the future body of the work, per consultation depending on size of the project/area in the home or business.

This fee is non-refundable; to reschedule

please call (530) 680-6249 or e-mail me at .


**A principal distinction I want to make is the difference between organizing and clearing:

       Organizing is defined as “to arrange into a structured whole; order” and “to systematize; to form as or into a whole consisting of      interdependent or coordinated parts, especially for united action; to put (oneself) in a state of mental competence to perform a task”. While I believe this is a very important focus for your home, it’s only one part of what I do.

       Clearing, for me, means cleansing clients’ spaces on a broader scale and letting go of things that are no longer serving them. Doing so changes old patterns, invites in and awakens new aspects of self expression, and welcomes joy as a primary focus. Clearing is ideal for people seeking harmony in all aspects of their lives, with family, children, business, health, intimate relationships, and personal development.



Clutter Clearing

Free your space and home of overwhelming clutter. We clear your space with a powerful and simple system that I teach you, and create a more organized and functional way of storing things, so you will have order, clarity and beauty, all while adhering to the principles of Feng Shui in your space. 

              *Price will vary based on clearing consultation as mentioned above




Energy and Ritual Clearing-   

       $309- 3 hr Max

Here we do Sacred Ceremonial rituals in your space, where we clear any energies not serving you in your space, and create an altar for what you’re wanting to invite in to your life. I’ll share some insightful tips and wisdom for certain rituals to continue creating for yourself and keeping a space that continues to inspire you in the future. This is great for a space where someone notices the energy in their home feels stuck, stifling, or blocked.



Clearing for Beauty Consultation-  


This is one of the favorite services I offer! Here we go through your closet, clear out what doesn’t have you feeling your best and even sort through your beauty products.

I have over 17 years experience in the fashion

and esthetic world to enhance your authentic beauty.


Once we get clear on your particular authentic beauty that you want to express in the world, we organize your closet and beauty regimen towards what inspires you most, and I’ll tell you any missing pieces you may need to fully embody your newly expressed beauty. My consulting hourly rate is $99/hour. This price may vary based on size of business, home, or specific area of your home.




Feng Shui ( 風水 ) Consultation


This is where I can come to your space and ensure you are embodying the principles of Feng Shui in your home, with the embodiment and focus to what’s most important in your life. If you’re wanting to call in certain intentions into your life, such as a new partner, a new job, or even more travel, I can help you bring that out in your space.



Top results expressed from clients after clearing their spaces

*Feeling more authentically connected to what’s important to them

*Feelings of overwhelm subside and are replaced with self-assuredness

*Feeling more present and focused on daily tasks

*Feeling more connected to loved ones, clients, and colleagues

*Feeling more peace and present in their lives

*Feeling naturally called to continue living an organized and clutter-free life



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