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Vallombrosa, California

Corning, California

Patterson Cabin Almanor, CA                   

China Rapids Red Bluff, CA                        

The Oaks Red Bluff, CA                        Before and After

Stone Tree Novato, CA.                        Before and After

Jefferson Redbluff, CA                   Before & After

Peachtree  Redbluff, CA                   Before & After

Filbert Residence Chico, CA          Before & After

Jeffery Kitchen Pacifica, CA Before & After

Fairview Staging Chico, CA            Before & After

Arnold Residence Arnold, CA

Weller Master Suite Chico, CA

 Weller Family Room Chico, CA

Patterson Living Room

Frugal House 2014, Chico CA

Preacher Master Bath

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Your home is your safe haven and should reflect your style, but at the same time it should be a relaxing get-away from the stresses of the day.  You also need to be able to live comfortably in your home with kids, pets, or yourself; which is why material selection is vital. 



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