Who doesn’t fantasize about their dream home?  And even if you have your dream home, do you find yourself wanting to do something different with it?  Is that because we’re always seeking something new? Always wanting to improve the look and comfort of our space or is it because of your homes energy? What if I told you that balancing the energy in your home, is just as important, if not more important, than how it looks.  It’s one thing to receive a compliment of “your home is beautiful;” it is a completely different compliment when you are told that “your home FEELS so good.”  We are energy, we are surrounded by energy.  To create a space that not only looks incredible but is fully aligned energetically is everything, it impacts your health, wealth, relationships and personal life!!  


As a designer now with 15 years experience, I have seen and felt a lot in design. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, I see how placement and selection of furniture, colors, light, essences, direction and elements affect a space.  Most importantly, I see how these selections directly affect the clients and their guests. Because I know how important it is to have balanced energy, with set intentions, it is now a part of my design process.  Inspired by a collaboration of professionals, enlightened individuals and learned practices including, Feng Shui, Bagua, Vastu, Native American and Spiritual Rituals, we have developed a process to restore and align your space. 


For centuries healers have used specific frequencies of different crystals, stones, essences and smudging techniques to bring the body's energy and chakras back into alignment. This acts to conduct better health, balanced emotions and to restore your body’s optimal natural rhythm. Why wouldn’t we consider and utilize these aligned energy benefits for the spaces we live and work in? No brainer right?? 


Because I have directly felt the shift of energy with correctly balanced spaces, I have made it part of my design process. With new construction we offer unique crystal grids specific to each clients needs and wants and are literally sinking them into the foundation!!  How exciting is that?! We incorporate specific intention and energy settings combined with sage cleansing rituals. For existing construction, we have created an alternative method for placement and intention/energy settings as well as a sage cleansing ritual. 


Energy alignment and healing can be achieved in all areas of your life. I am so very thankful and grateful to be able to create and balance this energy setting and healing in spaces. Looking forward to the opportunity to work in support of your project and help to fulfill your intensions of creating your dream home. Ready to set and dream with me???





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