Summer Trends of 2014

Pops of Color

Color trends change about as fast as the weather these days.  If you are unsure if a color is right for you, try it out!  Rather than making bold wall and sofa color choices sometimes it's better to go with a neutral palette with bold pops of color.  Grouping items of a similar color can be an effective way to introduce color. Think of things that could easily be replaced or upgraded in the future when this color is no longer for you.


Get Organized with Flair

Finding creative ways to store and display your everyday items can be a decor challenge. Using fun decorative boxes can be your solution!  Keep all those useful items out of view but still easily accessible.  These style of boxes have been trending over the last couple of years and there has never been a larger selection of styles available.  Feel free to mix it up!  Not everything has to match, just keep playing with different configurations and find which works best for your

Mad About Monochrome

It's back and bigger than ever.  Strong contrasts of black and white have been seen all over the design community.  It's a classic way to achieve a sharp and striking look.  All of the items shown look to be things that could also be found around the home.  Spraying items the color you want them such as the antlers shown is a clever way to make items blend seamlessly. 

Shopping Around the House

Not sure what accessories represent your style?  They may already be around you!  Sometimes taking simple items from around your home and pairing them with like colors can create a simple statement that is uniquely you.  Use special occasion jewelry, designer clothing boxes, high-end makeup, and other items around the house.  It doesn't have to be expensive to work. Notice the very simple water glass that makes a great vase in the photo shown. Think more boutique store display and try not to make things too cluttered. 

Playing with Negative Space

Sometimes less can be more in your space.  Try grouping items of like tones and leaving a larger negative wall space.  This usually works better in monotones but rules are made to be broken! This is a great option for lovers of minimalist design.  Using just a little finesse you can achieve a trendy, simple, and visually interesting design.

Choose Ceramics 

While they have been popular for thousands of years now, ceramics have never been more Vogue.  They are versatile in that they can be used in several different types of "looks."  From Modern Glam to 60's style vintage we have been seeing them pop up all over the design community.  The best part about them is they're affordable and are available in almost any color you can imagine. 


Talking with Books

What do your books say about you? One thing we have seen more of are people buying speciality books, coffee table books, and first edition books to accessorize their space. Guests can learn quite a bit about you just by the type of books you keep out.  It may sound shallow but many have been decorating with books to make them seem more interesting, well-traveled, and even smart!  While we don't suggest creating a facade of decor around you a little clever book placement never hurt anyone! 

Creative with Corners

Corners can often be the most unglamorous section of a room.  Large clunky items in the corner of a room can quickly seem to eat up the space around it. Try using some clever corner shelves!  The shelves will keep items organized, close to the wall, and out of the way.  Even adding just one high shelf in a couple corners of the room can really maximize storage in a small room without taking up valuable floor space!

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